Direct networking / headhunting

Due to the lack of time and to increase the efficiency of workforce market It is more and more common to locate and employ skilled candidates in as short period of time as it is possible.

The ideal candidate has the advantage that after the employment he or she does not need additional training to learn the special skills, instead he or she can improve the productivity of the firm immediately or in very short time. 

We handle the procedure of the Recruitment and the short-listing more careful than usual both on the Client's and employee's sides.

The executive search is conducted through our professional network, moreover, special and individual recruiting techniques are frequently used as well.

We present 3-5 potential candidates with personal description and verified letters of reference.

We advise to use this method if the candidate can not be reached with advertisements and it is needed to map the chosen profession’s availability In the workforce market. It produces general and up-to-date detailed information about the given segment. 

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