Why Hungarian workforce?

Labour market trends

Hungary is a full member of European Union since 2004 which means that the Hungarian experts are free to undertake job openings in all EU Member States.

The changes in the international economic situation in 2008 redrew the Hungarian labour market as well.  Numerous well-trained, English-speaking young professionals were left without work, who previously had carried out their work at international companies in Hungary. They are excellent specialists, who are not able to utilize their knowledge effectively within the borders at the moment.

Also many professionals who were freshly graduated in the Hungarian higher education institutions did not find their first job. These experts, who previously were less mobile, are now more opened to undertake work abroad. As the most widely spoken foreign language among the Hungarian specialists is English, the primary labour market destination is the United Kingdom.

Aarenson Consulting would like to serve these two reasonable needs with the help of its foreign relations  so our Clients can find the right candidate in all aspects as well as the professionals can find the jobs where they can exploit their knowledge effectively and professional development is also possible. 

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